Motocross star Ake Jonsson, born 5 october 1942 in Hammerdal, Sweden, was really close to become an individual world champion 3 times, (1968-3:rd, 1970-3:rd and 1971-2:nd), but luck failed and the goddess of fortune turned against him. Still he has many of titles:

– 3 times Trophes des Nation champion (250cc team world championship) 1964, 1966 and

– 3 times Motocross des Nation champion (500cc team world championship) 1970, 1971 and

– 7 times swedish champion 1964, 1967, 1968, 1972, 1973, 1975 and 1976.

– Inter am champion 1970.

– Trans ama champion 1972.

– 9 GP – victories, 20 – 2:nd and 18 – 3:rd places.

Ake began to ride motocross in 1961 on a Husqvarna. Due to his excellent stamina and well knowned agility and efficient riding style, he made progress very fast. In 1964 he become a factory team Husqvarna 250cc rider and started to race in the GP series – his debut was in Hedemora, Swedens Grand Prix. In 1964 he also won the Swedish champion title, defeating the reigning World champion Torsten Hallman.

1967 Ake switched to the 500cc class. And 1968 he was close to take the World champion title. In the middle of that season Ake lead the series rather big, but machine problems and lack of routin placed him an overall third.

1969 he signed with team Maico, the first year with Maico was much of a development work, and the motor broke down several times. 1970 Ake again, had a big chance at the World champion title, but ended an overall third once again.

1971 he had his best chance to win the World champion crown. Going in to the last race with the points lead, leading the final race, the spark plug unscrew.
The second place in the series was a bitter fact.

1973 Ake started the GP series with team Yamaha. But had a difficult time to develop the bike and make it competetive and reliable.

1976 Yamaha decided not to have any factory team, so Ake
jumped back to the Maico bikes, and managed to take an eight place in the GP series, despite a broken collarbone in the end of the season.

1978 he started to ride an Austrian bike with Rotax engine called Kramer, and 1979 he ended his carrier with Husqvarna. The circle is closed as he also started with Husqvarna.

The photo at the bottom left is taken from the 1972 trans-ama, at the famous Carlsbad Raceway track.
Out of the 11 races in the series, Ake won 9 straight victories in a row and finished 4:th and 2:nd in the other two races.
Taking the 1972 trans-ama title totally superiorly!

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