1971 Ake probably had his best chance to win the overall GP series, and take the world champion title. He had the pointslead over Roger De Coster before the last race, and he was in great shape. Ake had won the penultimate GP race two weeks before, in Ettelbruck, Luxembourg. So the race at St. Anthonis, Holland was going to be easy.


But disaster struck Ake in the beginning of the first moto, the spark plug went loose. At the time he had got it tightened, Ake was a lap behind and in dead last position. Now he began the chase and managed to score a tenth place in the the first moto.


Refusing to give up, Ake won the second moto easily, before he approached the finish line he waited until de Coster came into sight, and then slowly, he crossed the finish line.

With the moto score tenth and first, Ake took an overall sixth place, wich wasn´t enough, now when De Coster won the race.
Once again Ake had missed the title, and this year, he was the overall runner up.


Why did the spark plug unscrew? Maico had used a cylinder head made of pure aluminium. To the last GP race they would like to reduce the bike weight, and mounted a cylinder head mixed with aluminium and lots of magnesium.
The problem was when magnesium gets hot it will expand and together with a short reached plug the spark plug came loose and went out.


To the Motocross Des Nations three weeks later Maico welded more aluminium/magnesium materials to the cylinder head, and used a long reached plug instead. The problem was gone and Ake won both motos in Vannes, France.


Below: Ake at the GP in Bielstein, West Germany. Moto score 3:rd and 1:st place, gave a second overall in this race.





























On the podium in Kishinev, Soviets GP – winner Ake Jonsson, 2:nd Bengt Aberg, 3:rd Adolf Weil.